Eviction Landlord Attorney: 5 Compelling Advantages of Partnering for Seamless Property Reclamation

Article from Oct 27, 2023

The eviction process is a nuanced legal pathway that landlords must follow when they aim to regain possession of their property due to reasons like non-payment of rent or lease violations by tenants. Eviction laws and processes can vary significantly across different jurisdictions, and navigating these complexities is where an eviction landlord attorney becomes indispensable. Here are some statistics, steps, and essential information regarding eviction cases and the role of eviction landlord attorney.

Eviction Statistics

1.Eviction and Foreclosure-Related Moves: Over 200,000 Americans had to move due to eviction or foreclosure in 2022, with a significant increase in eviction/foreclosure-related moves from 2021 to 2022, especially in states like California, Florida, and Massachusetts.
2.  Annual Eviction Filings: In a typical year, around 3.6 million eviction cases are filed by landlords.
3. Renters at Risk: About 2.1 million renters reported a likelihood of facing eviction in June 2023.
4. Regional Eviction Filings: Eviction filings have varied across different states and cities. For instance, Indiana had 74,293 eviction filings, while Virginia had 136,229 filings over a specific period. The trend over the past year showed increases and decreases in eviction filings across different regions.

Understanding the Eviction Process

  1. Initiation: The process begins with identifying a valid reason for eviction such as non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, or other legal grounds​​.
  2. Notice Serving: Before proceeding with an eviction, landlords must serve a notice to the tenant. The type of notice varies depending on the circumstances:
    • Pay or Quit Notice for overdue rent.
    • Cure or Quit Notice for lease violations.
    • Unconditional Quit Notice for serious violations or other circumstances like property closure​.
  3. Legal Proceedings: If the tenant doesn’t comply with the notice, the landlord can initiate legal proceedings, which involve filing for eviction, attending an eviction hearing, and enforcing eviction rulings if the court grants the eviction​.

Role of an Eviction Landlord Attorney

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