8 Essential Flood Damage Questions Answered by ANTN LAW in Burbank

Article from Sep 11, 2023

Even if Southern California isn’t always in the news for flood damage, its desert conditions make it vulnerable to unexpected heavy rain. When a lot of rain comes down quickly, it can cause significant problems. Flooding is the top natural disaster in the U.S., and it can happen anywhere.

Our experienced attorneys at ANTN LAW, situated in Burbank, have put together answers to the eight most common questions about flood damage and how to claim insurance.

What is Flood Damage?

Flood damage encompasses both the immediate and long-term costs incurred due to a flood. Direct costs can be physical, like if the flood damages your garden, while indirect costs can relate to longer-term impacts such as a decrease in property value, lost income, or emotional distress.

What Should I Do if My Property Gets Flooded?

Once the floodwaters have receded, the first step is to file a flood damage claim. Having comprehensive flood insurance can be the determining factor between recovering from the incident or facing financial hardship.

Which Documents Do I Need to Make a Claim?

Prepare all relevant insurance documents, including homeowner’s, car, business, and any other policies you might have. Photographic evidence is crucial; ensure you have pictures showing both damaged and undamaged areas of your property.

Do I Need a Presidential Disaster Declaration to Claim?

A presidential declaration isn’t necessary. You can file a claim if you have flood insurance, irrespective of whether there’s an official disaster declaration.

How Do I Make a Flood Claim?

Begin by informing your insurance company about the damage. They will typically send an adjuster to assess the situation. If you don’t hear from an adjuster promptly, reach out to your insurer again. Use the photos you took as evidence and document any damaged items, their purchase dates, value, and receipts if available. Finally, you will be required to complete a Proof of Loss form detailing the damages.

Is There a Time Limit to Make a Claim?

Different policies have varying deadlines. In California, the typical window is three years from the damage date. However, most insurers require the Proof of Loss form within 60 days of the flood.

What Happens if I Miss the Claim Deadline?

Missing the deadline might result in your claim being denied. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if the property owner was a minor (under 18) when the damage occurred, there’s a possibility for an extension.

What if I Don’t Agree with the Insurance Compensation?

Should you find the compensation inadequate or if your claim gets denied, you have the option to appeal. This process can be intricate, and having an attorney, such as the experienced team at ANTN LAW in Burbank, can be beneficial.

Got More Questions? We’re Here to Help!

If you’re considering filing a claim or your claim was denied, and you’re pondering an appeal, get in touch with us. The seasoned professionals at ANTN LAW in Burbank have extensive experience in this domain. For added convenience, we now offer a free online consultation through our user-friendly online form. We stand ready to assist you during challenging times.